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Beefing Up the Food Supply Chain for the New Retail Landscape

“Standards are critical component for retail business to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. GS1 Hong Kong SCMPS team assisted us to redesign our entire product flows and shared with us a perspective on technology roadmap for modern retail. I’m particularly glad to see the achievement on business efficiency gain by 25% after the redesign.”
Margaret Lau
Margaret Lau,
General Manager

Digitalisation penetrates every facet of business operations. From the warehouse and inventory management, to the omni-channel strategy implementation and customer fulfillment. DCH Food Mart, a retailer that offers thousands of food & beverage varieties from around the world, is also aware of the need of a digitalised and systematic process to improve its warehouse efficiency and inventory visibility, to enable them better respond to the dynamic retail market.

As today’s consumers expect a more seamless and transparent shopping experience, the company also understands that to thrive, a new O2O retail model, enabled by technologies like automation and big data analytics, is required. DCH Food Mart is actively looking for ways to revamp its product flow process and technology infrastructure to stay ahead of disruptions while tapping into the buying potential of today’s smart consumers.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

• Smart Professional Services
• Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)


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DCH Food Mart partnered with GS1 Supply Chain Management Professional Services (SCMPS) team to review the company’s overall supply chain process. The SCMPS team had taken a source-to-consumer approach for evaluation with an emphasis on the customer journey. It was followed by a series of recommendations and customised technical solutions that covers stock efficiency, inventory accuracy, new sales channels, new fulfilment strategies, customer returns or other business processes.

The project had widened the adoption of GS1 Standards across DCH Food Mart operations and helped the company improve its data visibility, making the inventory, production and sales data more transparent and fostering better collaboration and connectivity between departments. The exercise also boosts inventory accuracy in warehouse and retail stores, tightening the control on raw materials and products batch.

DCH Food Mart has embraced the recommendation to integrate technology into the proposed supply chain and product flows, turning the manual operation into  everal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system modules which greatly enhance efficiency. This paves the future for enhanced automation and omni-channel
retail, allowing the company to modernize their work procedures and beef up its customer journey, further improving their online and offline shopping experience.


DCH Food Mart is able to enjoy a number of benefits:

  1. Achieve a remarkable 25% business efficiency after digitalisation and streamlined product flow;
  2. Enhance inventory accuracy by minimizing the inventory process flow;
  3. Facilitate better customer fulfillment as product movements are transparent.
About the Company

DCH Food Mart, established in 1985, is dedicated to providing quality products and best-in-class service to customers. Today, Food Mart has more than 50 stores in Hong Kong providing premium meat and seafood alongside fresh fruit and daily groceries as a one-stop shop for all your home cooking needs.