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Local Startup Grows Bigger with Certified Solutions

“As a local startup, Boxland is dedicated to providing a wide variety of intelligent retail furniture for inventory monitoring and data-collection purpose using RFID technology. The industry-recognised certification reinforces our corporate image, and is a strong recognition of our intelligent retail furniture solution that complies with global standards.”
Tafe Tsa
Tafe Tsa, CIO


A specialist of smart retail solutions, local startup Boxland developed the innovative iR-Furniture (Intelligent Retail Furniture) solution for retailers and exhibitors to facilitate stock and inventory management, as well as data collection for business analysis. Incorporated with RFID and cloud computing technologies, the solution helps users to monitor the status of their stocks displayed on shelves by RFID scanning. Product and business data can be captured and analysed conveniently and intelligently.

Boxland believes the solution is a technological breakthrough, so they are keen to obtain international recognition to add value and credibility to their solution, in order to raise their brand profile and grow businesses. 

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Solution Certification Programme

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The intelligent retail solution provider identified the Solution Certification Programme (SCP) offered by GS1 Hong Kong as a vote of confidence for its customers. The Certification Programme is developed based on GS1’s global standards, where a GS1 expert would make thorough evaluation of a solution to ensure it is compliant with GS1 Standards and best practices.

Boxland’s iR-Furniture solution is accredited with two industry-recognised Certifications - Stock Taking and Searching System and Smart Shelf System. During the assessment, the consultant looked into various aspects including the RFID technology used, the identification / capturing standards and operation flow, which later confirmed to have met GS1 global standards with a test report issued as a testament. 

The startup can now proclaim its RFID-based stock taking and searching solution with smart shelves meet with industry standard, which is expected to boost its customers’ trust. Through adopting appropriate GS1 Standards and obtaining industry-recognised certification, Boxland is thinking to promote more to overseas clients who have better faith in international organisation, helping them to build up profile and expand faster their global footprint.

In addition to the above 2 accreditations, GS1 Hong Kong also offers Certification on Asset Management System, Warehouse Management System, Cold Chain Solution, IoT Device, Scan & Pack Solution, Item Level Tagging Commencement Solution and Point-of-Sales (POS) System. All solution partners under the SCP will be given a SCP solution ID for identification, and be listed on GS1 Hong Kong’s SCP Certified Solution List, providing the business community an easy way to identify first-rate, recognized solutions. 

  1. Reinforce company image with industry-recognised certifications  
  2. Increase brand exposure and possible business opportunities by being listed on GS1 HK’s SCP Certified Solution List
About the Company

Boxland Hong Kong Limited is dedicated to providing a wide variety of cloud computing iR-Furniture (Intelligent Retail Furniture) for data-collecting purpose. Jointly invented by the experienced IT experts and furniture manufacturers, Boxland has developed a wide range of smart furniture, including showcases, cabinets, fitting room etc. 

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