One-Stop Product Authentication Solution to Protect Your Brand and Build Trust among Partners & Consumers

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REAL Visibility


Protect Your Brand with Anti-counterfeiting Solution

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GS1 Hong Kong’s REAL Visibility solution can help brand owners to protect their businesses with the most secured anti-counterfeiting technology – patented anti-forgery micro-printing technology, consumers can easily verify product authenticity with a simple mobile scan and access real-time traceability and trusted information. At the same time, brand owners can obtain real-time visibility on scan activities, get alerted and obtain location & identity of counterfeit goods, as well as collect consumer data insight to understand their consumers’ preferences. 

REAL Visibility is easy for operation with no additional procedure required, offering numerous values to your business in brand protection, consumer engagement and channel management. The solution also helps anti-phishing, spotting fake websites that sell the counterfeit goods with data collected from consumer’s real-time scan activities. 



Brand Protection – Instant Product Authentication

  1. Empower consumers with instant product authentication simply by using REAL Barcode mobile app ( Download from Android | IOS  | Myapp) to verify whether the product is genuine or counterfeit before purchase
  2. Get alerted and obtain location & identity of counterfeit goods 
  3. Elevate brand image by anti-counterfeiting and providing protection to consumers

Consumer Engagement – Interact with Consumers

  1. Provide trusted information like end-to-end traceability information to consumers in real-time 
  2. Enhance consumer journey by directing consumers to brand’s media engagement channel 
  3. Capture data for big data analytics to better understand consumer behavior and gain insights for strategic marketing or loyalty campaign

Channel Management – Combat Product Diversion and Parallel Products

  1. Track distribution channel and identify suspicious supplies by obtaining analytics data from consumers’ scans, e.g. time of scanning, scanning device, device platform, scanning location 
  2. Get alerted when product is scanned and detected out of the region, or when clusters of counterfeit scans are reported
  3. Build trust among partners and consumers 

How it works

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Industries applied

Consumer Electronics | Food & Food Services | Healthcare  | Industrial Supplies| Luxury Products | Retail & CPG 

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