Industry Advisory Board

GS1 HK advisory boards across various sections


GS1 Hong Kong has established various advisory boards across a number of sectors in Hong Kong, to provide strategic advice on the new and ongoing initiatives implemented by the organisation to improve industry core competencies and competitiveness.

Each of these five boards is comprised of a group of seasoned industry representatives, in addition to experts drawn from related fields of expertise, to study, review, and identify the key industry trend and challenges and, more importantly, to develop industry best practices and resolutions through innovation pilots.

By assembling these multi-disciplinary teams, GS1 Hong Kong is better positioned to foster an optimal environment to fully support the growth and business expansion of local enterprises, while helping the different industry sectors enhance their competitive advantages.

Efficient Consumer Response Hong Kong (ECR HK)

ECR Hong Kong is a member of ECR Asia set up by GS1 Hong Kong in 1996. It is a joint industry forum comprising members from local retailers, distributors, traders, manufacturers and supporting organisations......

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ezTRADE Users Committee

The ezTRADE User Committee (former named for The Electronic Commerce Users’ Committee (ECUC)) was set up in 1999, and is composed of ezTRADE users from key business sectors. ezTRADE is a standard-based B2B platform currently serving a diverse spectrum.....

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Hong Kong Food and Beverage Industry Advisory Board

The Hong Kong Food & Beverage Industry Advisory Board is a non-statutory body set up by GS1 Hong Kong in 2018. It entails the vision in improving the supply chain efficiency for food & beverage industry......

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Internet of Things Industry Advisory Council

Established in 2013, the Hong Kong Internet of Things Industry Advisory Council brings like-minded companies under the auspices of GS1 Hong Kong together to promote IoT adoption in Hong Kong......

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SMEs Advisory Board

In 1999, the SMEs Advisory Board was formed to facilitate the development of SMEs in Hong Kong and help them to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency by driving their adoption of best practices in supply chain management and e-commerce. ......

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