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"Go Digital ● Go Smart"

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Go Digital ● Go Smart


With advancement in technologies and higher customer expectations, going digital and going smart are no longer a choice, it’s a fundamental business strategy that must be interwoven with wider company objectives, no matter for SMEs or large enterprises. 


Go Digital


Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds

To go digital, organisations need to start with identification of their physical products and their respective digital twins. GS1 barcodes, or identification keys, are able to datafy every trading and customer exchange, and bridge the physical and digital worlds, bringing out infinite possibilities in today’s “phygital” domain.

By helping organisations go digital and connect the digital and brick-and-mortar channels, GS1 barcodes and solutions enable product accessible anytime, anywhere, helping business explore new omni-channel markets and increase their data visibility, connectivity, while getting products to market faster. They also promote consumer experience with enhanced O2O shopping journey.

Go Digital Go Smart


Go Smart


Enable data intelligence that drives better business decisions

The rapid development of IoT technology further digitizes our physical surroundings. Smart businesses are emerging as more players are coordinated in an online network and use machine-learning technology to efficiently leverage data in real time.

To go smart, organizations must enable as many operating decisions as possible to be made by data-driven machine intelligence rather than by human-driven data analysis.

By helping companies go smart with advanced technologies like IoT, AI, video analytics etc, GS1 HK smart solutions enable users to automate their operations, ensure product authenticity and thus boost consumer trust, create interactive experience and most importantly, get insights for better business decisions and prediction.

GS1 HK is the trusted partner in promoting innovation and technologies adoption, invigorating the holistic smart business ecosystem that enables smarter business, better life.

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GS1 HK has a portfolio of Digital & Smart solutions helping local and global communities in digital transformation, achieving sustainable growth today and tomorrow.


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