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Verified by GS1


Building Trust and Efficiency

Verified by GS1 is a global solution that will enable GS1 members to verify the identity of a product by querying the GS1 Registry Platform.

Verified by GS1 builds trust between retailers, brand owners and consumers, leading to more sales, less returns and less counterfeit products. The ultimate benefit is greater efficiency because information in retailer catalogues is based on correct product identity.

VbG Flow

GS1 has been working with industry leaders and the Consumer Goods Forum to develop Verified by GS1, a global registry to ensure all products have a unique identifier (GTIN) including six attributes that can be globally verified.

Brand owners are required to share their products and provide the product attributes with the global registry. Retailers and marketplaces, in turn, can access this data at any time using Verified by GS1.


What Product Data is Shared with Verified by GS1?


Every product registered through Verified by GS1 has a unique barcode number and a number of core product attributes. Shared data can be publicly accessed, and better quality data will help to get your products to market faster; make trading more efficient, and help build trust with customers.

Verified by GS1 publically viewable product attributes:


• Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
• Brand name
• Product description
• Product image
• Global product category (GPC)
• Net content / unit of measure
• Target market (Country of sale)

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Success Stories


PARKnSHOP implemented Verified by GS1 to streamline GTIN validation & speed up product listing process.


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How to activate your products on Verified by GS1


Brand owners and GS1 Hong Kong members can use BarcodePlus to share their information to the GS1 registry.  As soon as all the necessary fields have been filled in, a product can be activated.  The seven product attributes are automatically shared to the GS1 registry.

Get ready to start sharing your GTINs with the GS1 global registry.  If you are a GS1 Hong Kong member, sign in to BarcodePlus for free and start sharing your products now.

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Google, Metro, Nestlé and Migros explain why industry needs Verified by GS1

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