Selling on marketplaces

Get GS1 Barcodes for selling with genuine product identifiers

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GS1 barcodes driving global ecommerce

Selling on Amazon

To start selling a product on Amazon, you need to create a product listing which includes a product identifier to specify the exact item you are selling.

Selling on eBay

To sell your products on eBay, you will need to add a product identifier for most categories

Selling on Google

Unique product identifiers help make your ad or unpaid listing richer and easier for your customers to find.


Why use GS1 barcodes


Comply with the product listing requirements of different marketplaces


Trade globally online and offline, including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Google, ParknShop, Watsons, etc


Enhance search results on marketplaces, and ensure marketplaces are presenting complete and
detailed information to consumers


Improve visibility on search engines with GS1 standards


Get Started with Selling on Marketplaces


No matter you are just starting your business or you are a large international brand, GS1 standards can empower your business to trade more seamlessly, efficiently and safely in both digital and physical worlds.

Get your GS1 barcodes

You need GS1 barcodes to sell your products at major retailers and marketplaces worldwide. GS1 HK is the only authorised provider of GS1 barcodes (GTIN) in Hong Kong.

Support & Training

GS1 HK Academy offers barcode workshops and different courses to enrich your knowledge of implementation of GS1 standards for business growth.

Data Management

Inform and protect your customers with a single and trusted source of product data, and enhance product data visibility to consumers for stronger brand awareness and integrity.

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