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Forming a Trusted Source of Quality Product Information

“GS1 Macau strives to embrace technology to better serve our growing number of members. With Macao Product Catalogue, our members will be able to
create a globally-recognised product database in a single secure location, improving their efficiency greatly. GS1 Hong Kong has proved to be an indispensable partner who has carried out the project smoothly and easily, and we look forward to our future collaboration.”
Jack Chang
Jack Chang,




The tourism industry in Macau has experienced significant growth, lifting up the peripheral businesses in the wholesale, retail and trading sectors. GS1 Macau, the official barcode (GTIN) provider in Macau, is also witnessing a steady increase of the number of companies that needs the global standard for domestic and cross-border commerce.

GS1 Macau had been using paper forms for processing barcode applications, which was inefficient and prone to error. To enhance their productivity and the services to members, they decided to undergo a digital transformation by digitising the GTIN issuance and product information management process, and help their corporate members to expand their global footprint.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applie

• BarcodePlus Platform


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GS1 Macau asked GS1 Hong Kong team for assistance to develop a GTIN database. The project is divided into 2 phases, beginning with the setup of a product data repository and its homepage, based on GS1 Hong Kong BarcodePlus platform, with a suite of functions for administrators and users, like member account management, GTIN issuance and product information management, product search, etc.

The next step is to create interface with “Verified by GS1”, a global cloud solution that will enable GS1 members to verify the identity of a product, as well as connection to WeChat and other platforms.

The portal, named Macau Product Catalogue for now, will empower GS1 Macau to provide its member companies and brand owners an effective B2B information exchange tool. This will keep their trading partners updated about new product information in an accurate and cost effective way. It will also forge a trusted source of product information that enhances product data visibility to consumers, reinforcing brand awareness and integrity.

The interface with WeChat will be particularly valuable to GS1 Macau members. It allows consumers to scan the product barcode using WeChat ‘Scan QR Code’ function to gain additional product information, and link to the designated e-marketplace, potentially boosting online sales for the merchants.

Working closely with GS1 Macau, the GS1 Hong Kong team delivers a one-stop service from installation and system setup, interface customization,  raining for its users, to system testing and go-live support. The project is expected to complete by end of 2019 and ready for use by GS1 Macau in early  2020.


Two-pronged values will be realised upon completion of project:

For GS1 Macau
• Offer better service for members by providing product database, a possible new income stream
• Facilitate operational efficiency in GTIN issuance

For its members
• Maintain data integrity and protect brands knowing the product data is organised and secure at a single source
• Work more efficiently by sharing product data with trading partners
• Strengthen consumer trust by sharing product data with consumers
• Possibly increase sales and word-of-mouth via social media

About the Company

Established in in 2000, GS1 Macau is the local chapter of GS1®, a not-for-profit, global supply chain standards organisation headquartered in russels,
Belgium, with over 110 national chapters in 150 countries. We aim to help local businesses ensure a fast, efficient and accurate flow of information with their trading partners all over the world.

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