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Digital Transformation Awards 2024


Award Categories

This award recognises the company that has leveraged digital transformation to make a positive impact delivering better outcomes for the customers, effectively transforming the way of customer-related initiatives (e.g., customer engagement, customer journey, customer service, etc.)

This award recognises the company that has leveraged digital transformation to make a positive impact on their operational excellence and how this has been used to achieve business goals.

This award recognises the company that has leveraged digital transformation to demonstrate excellence in supply chain and logistics management, achieving efficiency, visibility and resilience throughout the supply chain.

This award recognises the company that has leveraged digital transformation to make a positive impact on the sales and marketing of their business, driving growth and success

This award recognises the company that has leveraged digital transformation to make a positive impact fostering inclusivity and a desirable workplace culture & environment for employees, achieving workforce empowerment, accelerated growth and increased productivity.

This award recognises the company that has successfully implemented digital transformation with a strong commitment to sustainability.  It honours the company that has demonstrated exceptional dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, showcasing how digital innovation can drive positive impact and align with broader sustainability goals.

This award recognises the company that has integrated FinTech into the culture, demonstrated excellence in implementing digital solutions to revolutionised its financial operations, improve user or customer experiences.

This award honours a startup that demonstrates creativity, passion and innovation, and has made substantial contributions to the industry within their niche, or created new pathways for excellence through a digital-first approach.

This award celebrates the company who leads in the digital-first world, shaping the future of digital transformation. (This award will be selected from the best applicant among 7 award categories, excluding the "Rising Star of the Year" Award)


Application Procedures


Complete the application form below before the application deadline (15 Aug 2024). 

 Apply HERE  

Please sign in your Google account for submitting a project summary (in PDF format not more than 10 pages) in the Google form. The summary should include but not limited to below items:

  • Background, project goals/objectives, planning & strategy
  • Technologies / solutions adopted
  • Implementation, including key milestones, timelines, or innovative approaches
  • Key challenges experienced and how they were overcome
  • Benefits and impacts, highlight key achievements and outcomes
  • Future plans



Official Call for Entries 1 Jun 2024
Application Deadline 15 Aug 2024
Judging Period Aug 2024 – Sep 2024
Winner Notification Sep 2024
Awards Presentation Ceremony at GS1 Hong Kong Summit  1 Nov 2024

Winner Entitlements

  • Trophy & Certificate
  • Receiving trophy at the Awards Ceremony 
  • Company logo exposure at the Awards Ceremony
  • Use the “Digital Transformation Award” logo in winners' marketing materials related to the company/project for 1 year
  • Exposure on various GS1 Hong Kong communications channels

***All winners are entitlted to above benefits. Winner package options are available for additional benefits and exposures. For more details, please contact us at / tel: +852 2863 9755.



Judging Criteria



Digital Business Strategy

  • Alignment of digital transformation with business strategy
  • Strategic planning and vision for the digital transformation


Innovation & Technology Solutions

  • Degree of innovation, unique and creative approaches to drive business values
  • Demonstration of cutting-edge and fit-for-purpose technologies which were correctly and effectively used


Measurable Benefits & Impacts

  • Tangible benefits such as revenue growth, cost reduction, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, market share, etc.
  • Business and market impact, social impact, environmental impact, etc. 
  • Provide evidence of how you measured the impact


Execution and Implementation

  • How Digital Transformation was implemented to achieve the objectives, key milestones, timeline, etc.
  • Adoption rates of new technologies and processes, integration of digital solutions / initiatives across the organisation
  • Ability to overcome challenges and obstacles, and drive organisational change


Future Plans

  • Plan to ensure long term growth and success, and broaden the impact
  • Evidence of commitment to promoting diversity and creating an inclusive culture





We welcome any sponsorships to support the Digital Transformation Awards 2024. The sponsorship package could be customised to align with you business needs. For more details, contact us now at / tel: +852 2863 9755.