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Gaining a Seal of Trust and Competitive Edge through Accreditation

“TradeLink has become a supply chain solution partner of global importers/brands since 2000.  The industry-recognised certification supported us to better sell our scan-&-pack solution, which resulted in an increase of clients’ packing efficiency by up to 30%, providing us an upper hand in the competitive market environment.”
Daniel Entac
Daniel Entac
Managing Director


Founded in 2000, TradeLink Technologies Ltd aims to help global importers and logistics companies connect electronically with their supply chain partners. Operating in over 70 countries with over 6,000 customers, the company’s mission is to facilitate better shipment information communication and optimise supply chain information sharing for its customers.

In keeping with increasing shipment visibility, maximizing order fulfillment, and reducing supply chain costs, TradeLink launched a scan-&-pack solution that incorporate RFID technology. The company asserted that the solution is low-cost, fast, and help reducing labor packing costs by over 50% with zero mistake. They extend its use to areas in production, finishing and QC operation, and wish to obtain industry recognised certification for their much-acclaimed solution.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Solution Certification Programme

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Realising GS1 as a neutral, not-for-profit global organisation with expertise in supply chain, TradeLink joined GS1 Hong Kong’s Solution Certification Programme (SCP) to ensure its solution complies with the globally-recognised GS1 Standards and international best practices, hoping to further strengthen their position as an enabler linking up suppliers globally. 

TradeLink has now obtained certification from GS1 Hong Kong on its Scan and Pack Solution. There are 4 testing scopes for such certification, including identification, supplementary information, capture and operation flow. The scope of operation flow is comprised of 4 processes: scan and pack, Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) generation and submission, ASN validation, shipment visibility and status, in which TradeLink has excelled. A test report was thus issued to the company, assuring its scan-&-pack solution complies with international standards. 

Owing to the accreditation, they were able to upsell and convince customers like suppliers for Ralph Lauren to use the certified, upgraded version of the solution. Instead of traditional barcode-based solution, the GS1-endorsed RFID-based solution is now adopted. This not only helps TradeLink boast bigger business but also instill greater trust for customers in TradeLink and its solution. It is beginning to become a competitive advantage for the company to attract potential clients.

  • Increased confidence for customers, supporting sales in their business dealing process 
  • Boost company image and competiveness with the opportunity to reach out to new clients
About the Company

TradeLink Technologies was created in 2000 to help global importers and logistics companies connect electronically with their supply chain partners. The founders of the company went into business with the primary goals of facilitating better shipment information and maximizing supply chain information benefits for customers. 

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