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Smart Professional Services

Our support to you:

  1.  Process Consultancy (e.g. Goods receiving, storage, processing, dispatch, and return; Warehouse layout design; Label design)
  2.  In-house Training (e.g. Technology implementations studies – Industry 4.0; Traceability studies)
  3.  Technology Implementation (e.g. ERP, POS, CRM, RFID (tag / handheld / printer), TMS, WMS, Barcode (handheld / printer / label)
  4.  Government Funding Advisory Service (e.g. TVP funding, Re-industrialisation Funding Scheme (RFS), Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers, etc.)
  5.  Smart Operations (eg, Process Consultation; System Development; Hardware Acquisition & Deployment)

You can achieve:

(A) Improve Operational and Process Efficiency (including business processre-engineering, change management, and capacity building)

(B) Align Industry Practice (including business strategy, enterprise portfolio, and project management)

(C) Drive Digitalisation (including vendor selection and evaluation, software implementation, and technology delivery)

Success Cases

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