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Staying Ahead of the Knowledge Curve in Big Data


“Jebsen keeps pace with the rapidly changing business landscape and consumer lifestyles in Greater China where it has a long presence. The biggest challenge ahead is how to turn captured data into useful insights, and integrate with our specialised industry knowledge, enabling targeted and effective marketing that tap into the changing consumer behavior. The GS1 Hong Kong’s course meets with our agenda thoroughly in this regard.”

Nancy Tang
Senior Manager, Group Project and Business Process, Group Information Technology


Jebsen & Co. was founded in 1895 in Hong Kong, currently running businesses across 3 continents and 15 countries. The Group has six business lines including Beverage, Consumer, Industrial, Motors, Logistics and Jebsen Capital.

Supporting a wide ecosystem of wholesalers, retailers and consumers, Jebsen found the client / consumer journey more complicated than ever, and their behaviours are changing frequently. To stay on top of the game, Jebsen has embraced omni-channel commerce to provide more touchpoints to customers, offering greater convenience to them.

With more touchpoints come more data. Jebsen hopes to enhance their knowledge in capturing and analysing the customer data from the complex ecosystem that help them make informed business decision, so they found GS1 Hong Kong’s latest course to enrich their knowledge on smart retail supply chain and big data.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • GS1 HK Academy: “Smart Retail Supply Chain & Big Data Analytics” course

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Senior executives from Jebsen joined the CPFA (Certified Professional for Apache projects) Certified Citizen Data Scientist course “Smart Retail Supply Chain & Big Data Analytics”, jointly organised by GS1 Hong Kong and EmblocSoft, the only official organisation providing CPFA qualifications. Jebsen learnt how complex data can be standardised in their retail supply chain and how to assess the Group’s overall supply chain efficiency. They also identified certain easy-to-deploy solutions and technologies that can capture customer data under different touchpoints of the Group, converting them into business insight that help drive sales. 

Designed to be practical, GS1 Hong Kong’s course enables Jebsen & Co. to harness the power of big data and gain a distinctive competitive advantage by becoming more responsive, demand-driven and customer-centric. It allows participants to quickly apply new skills to real world problems, with real dataset, and create real value through analytics. 

Jebsen’s staff are inspired by the successful cases in the industry and had kept abreast of the latest industry development. With enhanced knowledge, they look forward to making more data-driven business decisions in future. 


The certified data analytics course benefited Jebsen with:

  1. Skills and knowledge acquirement on data standisation and big data analytics
  2. Gain special skills in data retrieval, data analysis and data visualisation 
  3. Business tools and ideas for future business development

About the Company

Founded in 1895, Jebsen & Co. is a privately-held marketing, distribution and investment organisation established in Greater China. It partners with leading brand companies to bring a wide array of quality products to Greater China while driving success for its people and business partners, protecting the environment and serving the communities in which it operates.  

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