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GS1 HK 35th Anniversary


GS1 Hong Kong has been standing with our members since our establishment 35 years ago in 1989, starting from the humble barcode, then developing into different milestones. 

We have also developed various standard-based solutions to support our members in digital transformation, enhance supply chain resilience & traceability, and operation efficiency, etc. 

Moving forward, GS1 HK will continue to pursue our three-pronged vision of "Global, Connect, Create" to unleash infinite opportunities:

  • Global: Think Global, Act Local
  • Connect: Extensive Network of Global & Local Business Community across Industries 
  • Create: Unlock Infinite Opportunities with Industries

A series of programmes are being organised throughout the year to celebrate our 35th Anniversary, continuing our journey of “35 Years Along, Infinite Opportunities Ahead” with our members. 



 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner 


The series of celebratory programmes were inaugurated by the 35th Anniversary Gala Dinner themed “Dazzling Hong Kong”, which was held at the Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel on March 15, 2024.

Mr. Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of the HKSAR Government was the Guest of Honour. Close to 600 guests including Mr. Lam Sai Hung, Secretary for Transport & Logistics, Mr. Cui Feng, Second-level inspector of the Department of Youth Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government (LOCPG) in the HKSAR, senior government officials, Members of the Executive Council and Legislative Council, Chairmen of industry associations, executives and members also joined to celebrate the occasion.

The evening featured a diverse array of activities, including a LED flag show that showcased GS1 standard-based solutions and services in an innovative way; “GS1 HK Sing & Shine” session where executives across industries sang and performed, showcasing our long-standing connection with industry members & partners. In addition, there were also Best Dress Awards, Award Presentation Ceremony of Consumer Caring Scheme, breathtaking performance by Eliza Chan, as well as Grand Lucky Draw. Interactive sessions were also arranged in which participants arrived with enthusiasm, and left in high spirits. 


Revisit the Precious Moments of the Gala Dinner:

Cocktail Reception

Opening Session


Guest Performance

Consumer Caring Scheme Award Presentation

Best Dressed Award Presentation & Lucky Draw



Highlights of the Night

1. Opening & Spectacular LED Flag Show 

Ms. May Chung, GS1 HK Chairman and Mr Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of The HKSAR Government delivered meaningful speeches.

Ms. May Chung shared how GS1 HK’s standard-based solutions & services have evolved with time to support our members in accelerating retail checkouts, enabling digital trade, enhancing operational efficiency, as well as future “Go Digital · Go Green” strategies that create infinite opportunities. 

Mr. Paul Chan commended for GS1 HK’s more than 3 decades of contributions to the Hong Kong economy. “I am pleased to note that as a pioneer in supply chain standards and solutions, GS1 Hong Kong is making great strides in assisting businesses, particularly SMEs, to move forward. Through promotion of digital technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics, businesses are geared up to optimise operation efficiency and tap opportunities in the market.”

Mr. Roy Ng, Vice-Chairman of GS1 HK and Chairman of Gala Dinner Steering Committee, expressed gratitude to all the sponsors for their support that made the event a success. A spectacular LED Flag Show that showcased GS1 HK's solutions, services, and future direction also captivated the audience. 

2. GS1 HK Sing & Shine

At the “GS1 HK Sing & Shine” session, executives from various industries, including logistics, food & beverage, business sector & financial services etc took the stage to perform. The group performance of "GS1 Stand by Me" heightened the atmosphere of the night! 

3. Congratulations to Recognised Companies of Consumer Caring Scheme 

GS1 Hong Kong’s Consumer Caring Scheme awarded 85 local enterprises this year, among which 27 companies were awarded “10 Years+”, showing their long-term commitment and efforts to consumer care. 

Hon Jeffrey Lam, Executive Council & Legislative Council Member, Hon Peter Shiu, Member of the 14th CPPCC National Committee & Legislative Council Member, Dr Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development, Mr Tony Wong, Government Chief Information Officer & Mr Patrick Yeung, GS1 Hong Kong Board Member & Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce presented the awards.  

4. Star Performance & Sing-along

Eliza Chan, the renowned singer, elevated the atmosphere to a climax. She also led the GS1 HK Board of Directors to sing together. 

5. Best Dress Award & Lucky Draw

Resonating with the theme “Dazzling Hong Kong”, guests dressed in glamourous clothing & accessories, and 5 of them were awarded with Best Dress Award. 





Commemorative Booklet & Annual Report


1. 35th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet – 從零到+01  (Chinese version only)

Written in a lively manner, the booklet was published to perpetuate the precious journey of barcode’s introduction in Hong Kong, which led to innovation & transformation of different sectors; inspire the community & the younger generations and commemorate how GS1 Hong Kong has been supporting our members to create infinite opportunities over the years with our standard-based solutions. 

4 visionary leaders including Malina Ngai, Group CEO, AS Watson (Asia & Europe), Scott Price, Group Chief Executive DFI Retail Group, Ricky Wong, Group Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Technology Venture Company and GS1 HK’s ex-Chairman Joseph Phi, Group CEO, Li & Fung have contributed the foreword, re-affirming the significant contribution of barcodes, GS1 Standards, platforms and solutions to the industries & supply chain.


2. 35th Anniversary Annual Report

As we usher into 35th Anniversary, the annual report featured the achievements of the previous year, recognised the staunch support of members for 35 years.

Ushering in 35th Anniversary and Opening up New Milestones:

  • Next generation barcodes bringing infinite opportunities
  • Facilitating digital trade & trade financing
  • Driving sustainable development with standard-based, smart solutions 

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Chairman Message: Proud of Our Past, Excited for Our Future

GS1 Hong Kong continues to help members navigate this complex environment. Working with governments and other key stakeholders, we strive to deepen and extend the services based on our GS1 System of Standards, supporting businesses to stay competitive and create new opportunities with innovations, led by our “Go Digital Go Green” strategy. 

Go Digital - Empowering next generation O+O commerce along the supply chain 
Go Green - Enabling efficiency & sustainability through seamless exchange of data

Chief Executive’s Report: Continue Advancing with our Members

No matter whether it’s the transition from process-driven to data-driven operations, from silo workflow to collaborative ecosystem, and from profit-driven to purpose-driven business, we have been helping our members deal with the constantly changing environment; but one thing we are clear is that our purpose, “to revolutionise the way we do business - for smart business, better life”, is going to stay the same.

Message from GS1 President & CEO: The Best Days for the Barcode Technology are Still to Come

A more powerful next generation of barcodes, such as QR Codes powered by GS1, will gradually replace the original ones on all products, bringing industry’s digital transformation to the next level. Information will be shared digitally by all parties in the supply chain, bringing unprecedented insights to consumers. This new level of product transparency will incentivise greener choices.


IOT Data Hackathon

IOT data hackathon

Under the themes of “Smart City” and “Smart Supply Chain”, the first-ever IOT Data Hackathon was organised by GS1 Hong Kong, which attracted over 80 teams of local tertiary students and business professionals. 22 teams (12 from the Student Stream and 10 from the Professional Stream) emerged as finalists, in which a total of 10 awards were granted to 8 teams that demonstrated outstanding achievements and creativity.

During the competition, 22 mentors from different professional fields coached the participants, whereas partners and industry experts provided a wide range of training workshops, equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to tackle complex challenges and refine their project concepts. 

The IOT Data Hackathon aimed to bring together young innovators, problem solvers and data enthusiasts in Hong Kong to harness the power of IoT data for building impactful solutions and tackling real world business challenges.

View the winners & their innovative solutions HERE


GS1 HK Food Safety Forum 


To be held on 23 August 2024, this year's GS1 HK Food Safety Forum will be themed “Rethinking our Future: Where Food Safety and Sustainability Meet”. It is expected to gather over 300 industry experts and practitioners to explore how the effective adoption of international standards and technologies can help the industry address challenges in food traceability and safety, as well as how international ESG standards support businesses to promote sustainability. 

In addition, the award presentation ceremony of the “Quality Food Scheme” series will also be held at the event, recognising companies that have demonstrated excellence in food traceability, safety control, and management. The award presentation ceremony for the brand new “Quality Food Scheme ESG” will also be held to recognize companies that have implemented ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices in their business operations to drive long-term and sustainable development.

  View the details and join  



GS1 Asia Pacific Forum


The GS1 Asia Pacific Forum will be held in Hong Kong from 29-31 October this year, bringing together executives from GS1 Global & Asia Pacific region. It provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, strategic discussions on on-going regional projects and respond to the challenges in region. 



GS1 HK Summit


Themed “Transforming for Next Generation Commerce”, GS1 HK Summit will be held on 1st Nov, 2024. It is expected to be joined by over 600 delegates from multiple sectors, including C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, corporates, SMEs and policymakers to explore the future of seamless commerce, omni-channel, AI in action, digital transformation, next generation supply chain, etc. 

In addition, the award presentation ceremony of our newly launched “Digital Transformation Awards” will also be held at the Summit. “Digital Transformation Awards” recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses in successfully implementing digital transformation initiatives to drive innovation, efficiency and growth.

Stay tuned for more updates!