GLN Membership

What is Global Location Number (GLN)?


The GLN can be used by companies to identify their locations, giving them complete flexibility to identify any type or level of location required.

How to apply

To apply GLN, please submit the following documents and payment:

Entrance Fee (HK$) Annual Fee (HK$) Total (HK$)
$1,500 $1,500 $3,000
  • Submit a completed GS1 Hong Kong GLN membership application form.
  • Provide a copy of your company's Business Registration Certificate.
  • Issue a crossed-cheque made payable to the "GS1 Hong Kong Limited" for membership entrance and annual fee.

Applications normally take 3 working day to process upon receipt of all the documents and payment mentioned above.

**Authorization of GTINs, including EAN-13 is NOT included in this membership

If both GTINs (including EAN-13) and SSCC are requested, please subscribe as Full Membership (GS1 Barcode) .

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GLN Membership Entitlements
  • Allocation of 10 GLN numbers
  • Enjoy GS1 Hong Kong Business Advisory Services including standards and technologies support
  • Discounts on GS1 Hong Kong training courses and workshops
  • Discounts on all GS1 Hong Kong publications and studies
  • Opportunity to participate in workshops 

If both GTINs (including EAN-13) and SSCC are requested, please subscribe as Full Membership (GS1 Barcode) .

Usage of Global Location Number (GLN)
  • The GLN can identify a company’s physical locations, for example a store, a warehouse, or a berth in a port.
  • The GLN can be used to identify an organisation as a corporate entity.
  • The GLN can also identify a company’s legal and functional entities engaging as parties in a particular business transaction, for example as buyer, seller, or carrier.
  • The GLN can be used in electronic messages and registries to inform trading partners about companies and their corresponding GLNs and associated GLN information.
  • The GLN extension component can be added to a GLN to provide more precise recording and sharing of supply chain events. For example, an extension component may identify sub-locations such as storage bins, dock doors, scan and read points.

The GLN is also used by organisations in the public sector. In fact, various applications exist where governments use GLNs, either to identify their own agencies or to identify companies using central government databases. As a key to access records, the SSCC can be used to track and trace shipment details any time, which include the products contained, the quantity, batch number, minimum/maximum durability and the quality status during the re-location of the shipment when they move from one location to another.


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