Retail & Consumer Packed Goods (CPG)

To help industry meet the challenges of omni-channel commerce and satisfy the expectations of consumers both in physical and online worlds with unique product identification standards. 

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Identify products with one “beep” 


The retail landscape is always changing and challenging – rapid growth of e-commerce, changing consumer behaviour, ever greater competition, higher consumer expectation of product information and buying experience etc. To win and maintain business, retailers must create a seamless consumer experience online and offline. 




GS1 HK solutions and services unleash the power of omni-channel retail by seamlessly connecting online and offline experience, driving customer satisfaction across various channels. 

Smart Retail 

Fuel better consumer experience with advanced technologies like IoT (RFID & video analytics) & AI (data analytics and predictive analysis), drive business with insights. 

REAL Visibility

Protect your brand against counterfeits with patented anti-forgery micro printing technology, build trust among partners and consumers. 

Global eMarketplaces

Capitalise on the growing e-commerce trend and start your e-commerce business on Amazon, eBay, and Google effortlessly.

Digital Coupon

Engage consumers, stimulate sales and optimise promotion with cost-effective, traceable and measurable digital coupons.

Barcode Scan @ WeChat

Promote your products to billions of WeChat users in China simply by uploading product information on our BarcodePlus platform, enabling WeChat users to gain access to your product information simply by scanning the product barcode. 


Advocacy and Events


We are dedicated to help the industry to meet the challenges of omni-channel retail by bridging online and offline with standards, and to enhance consumer experience throughout their shopping journey through a range of initiatives: 

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