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Unlocking the Chinese Online Market Using WeChat

“Driven by our goal to promote healthy eating as a pragmatic healthcare solution, we offer customers a comprehensive product line, including our flagship Lingzhi Master series and supplements for symptoms of menopause and high cholesterol. GS1 HK’s Barcode Scan@WeChat helps bring these products and their benefits to a wider group of online consumers in China, effectively raising our brand awareness.”
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan,
​​​​​Senior Manager



Boasting over a decade of premium quality in natural and herbal food, Care & Health is looking to further capitalize the growing demand of health-conscious Chinese consumers.

Care & Health’s flagship products, the Lingzhi Master series, are vastly available on the product shelves of health stores, pharmaceutical chains and several online platforms, mostly in Hong Kong. They aim to advertise the product series in the most cost-effective way to the Mainland China market, and even create word-of-mouth publicity among those consumers.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • BarcodePlus platform
  • BarcodeScan@WeChat 
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As a member of GS1 Hong Kong, Care & Health started exploring the suites of GS1 HK solutions that could help crack China’s massive online market. GS1 HK’s BarcodePlus platform and Barcode Scan@WeChat solution caught the company’s attention, for the duo can support its strategy to increase awareness and generate sales, for free.

The company uses GS1 barcode and BarcodePlus, a cloud data portal, to upload its key products information and maintain their products data integrity. As the portal is connected to WeChat backend system, real-time product data are streamed to WeChat as the merchant makes updates into BarcodePlus.

With just a scan on the product barcode, consumers can be brought to the brand’s product information page and e-shop to retrieve the description and pricing instantly, and as a result, connects them directly with the brand and stimulates repeat purchase. This has catered to the fact that Chinese customers habitually scan a product barcode using WeChat.

Care & Health is going to upgrade its official website, intending to transform it into a centralized customer engagement platform and direct sales channel. The company expects the Barcode Scan@WeChat solution will be a solid way to drive traffic – especially from China – to the site.

Care & Health can continue to educate the consumers on the efficacy and benefits of Chinese herbal supplement, allowing it to convert what used to be a one-off transaction into lasting online relationship and strengthen consumers’ confidence on their products. 


GS1 HK’s BarcodePlus and Barcode Scan@WeChat are free for members, benefiting the company in below ways: 

  • BarcodePlus
  1. Maintain an online product catalogue easily and effectively
  2. Ensure no duplication of barcodes nor data breach on the  secure cloud platform
  • Barcode Scan@WeChat
  1. Enhances product exposure online as it is accessible by  potential buyers and consumers globally for anyone using  WeChat
  2. Generate potential sales by repeat purchase
About the Company

Care & Health is a Hong Kong health and herbal food brand established in 2002, fully owned by Hanison Construction Holding Ltd listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The brand is dedicated to promoting healthy and herbal foods to its customers as sensible and practical healthcare solution.