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By providing world-class supply chain standards, solutions, technologies and knowledge to uplifting food safety and quality for food and food services industry 

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Barcode – One Source of Truth 


The ever-increasing complexity of food supply chain leads to emerging food safety challenges in Hong Kong. As over 90% of food consumed in Hong Kong relies on imports, food suppliers require a holistic approach to food safety and traceability, increase supply chain efficiency, manage risks, respond to food safety incidents, and conduct product recalls when necessary.

GS1 HK Food Industry

Our Solutions


GS1 HK enables food-related companies to build a visible and transparent supply chain to guarantee consumer safety, build consumer trust and protect brand image. 

Brand Protection - REAL Visibility

Empower owners and consumers with instant product authentication and traceability to ensure products are genuine and improve supply chain visibility 

Smart Operations 

Drives business efficiency and safety with data intelligence like automated data capturing and real-time actionable insights throughout the entire operation flow. 

Monitors temperature and humidity in real-time to ensure product quality and safety via Sensor Data Network (cold chain management) empowered by the global traceability platform ezTRACK™ 

Smart Traceability 

Built on EPCIS, it helps businesses to address the demand for end-to-end traceability and build trust among supply chain stakeholders, e.g. from farm-to-fork. 

Paperless Trading Services

Data Services facilitate paperless trading and the exchange of electronic orders, invoices and shipment notices among trading parties 


Advocacy and Events


Through industry collaboration among regulators and key stakeholders, we are dedicated to improve food safety and traceability, so as to protect end consumers, boost consumer trust on the brands and respond to food incidents efficiently.

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