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Breathing a New Life into Social Enterprises with Innovation

“GS1 Hong Kong created a perfect opportunity for us to scale up our promotion and business. By using the barcode, BarcodePlus and Digital Coupon, the user-friendly interface could help to promote our self-branded products effectively. The CSV programme enables us to link up with the members’ network of GS1 Hong Kong to further promote our social enterprises and products.”

Kris Wong

Kris Wong, General Manager (Social Enterprise)



New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (New Life) currently operates more than 70 service units/projects, including the "Bright Buy” branded products produced or packaged by in-house service users. With the expansion of product range and variety, product identification and inventory management is becoming more essential for business development. To promote products and boost sales, it is also looking for new ways to arouse the interest of the tech-savvy younger generations.

The Association used to work with corporations on specific event through partnership, and call for donation through their own customer/supporter database, hence it needs new approaches for better engagement.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied 
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • BarcodePlus platform
  • Digital Coupon Solution

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Image Slideshow

New Life and GS1 Hong Kong hit it off at the first meeting and collaborated extensively. New Life sheltered workshops and drinks factories are now using GS1 barcode and BarcodePlus platform to generate unique barcode for every product. Integrated with the shop’s POS system, the standards and systems increase the efficiency for both inventory and sales record management of the association.

Application of GS1 Hong Kong digital coupon solution enables its social enterprise “farmfresh330” to engage consumers in a different way. Digital coupons can be generated instantly and easily, helping to save time and cost while driving its environmental agenda with less printing and processing of coupons. To maximize the campaign effectiveness, the association can easily send out the QR promotional codes via social media and email to encourage customers to shop at its physical stores to enjoy special discounts or free gifts.

To promote support for mental health and expand donation network, members of GS1 Hong Kong are encouraged to make use of their electronic coupon to make donation to New Life, rooting for its mission and deeds. 

  1. Faster and more efficient inventory management while reducing human error or procedural flaws with barcode
  2. Open up new market spaces easily via the interoperable barcode standards with most retailers’ systems
  3. Increase engagement and interaction with customers via digital coupon solution, aiding to shape a new image and value of its “Bright buy” branded products
  4. Effective donations approach through the members’ network of GS1 HK, facilitating also wider awareness of the importance of mental wellness
About the Company

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association is a non-governmental organization established in 1965, aiming at providing a comprehensive range of quality community-based rehabilitation services for people in recovery of mental illness. It currently operates more than 70 service units/projects and over 20 social enterprises, serving more than 15,000 service users every year.