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Accessing Diverse Possibilities and Global Market with One Code


“Profits aside, we like to give back to the society, and make a Hong Kong brand heard in the global markets. The international GS1 barcode not only helps us get listed on e-marketplaces, but also let consumers well-informed of our product information and promotion campaign. Connected to multiple information platforms, BarcodePlus supports our product promotion abroad.”

Mr. Joseph Lee, CEO

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Responding to shortages of face masks at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, a millennial who owns a pharmacy in Yuen Long has set up a surgical face mask factory branded “Good Mask” with business partners, among the numerous mask manufacturers in Hong Kong. The company claims to have attained EN14683 TYPE IIR standard, the highest level in EU standard, for most of its masks, with a production volume of 300,000 pieces a day.

Available in the brand’s 9 local outlets and online platforms, the mask is also supplied to Canada, looking to market globally. Intended to become an international Hong Kong brand, the company hopes to restore Hong Kong’s former glory as the hub of quality product with integrity.


Applied GS1’s Global Trade Items Number (GTIN), or barcode, Good Mask believes the “489” barcode prefix can earn them trust and recognition for its brand and products, because it indicates a registered Hong Kong company regulated by local company ordinance. Barcode is also a “visa-free passport” for global e-marketplaces, because e-commerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Google Shopping are requiring product barcode for items listed on their platforms, in order to improve search result and uplift consumer experience.

With GTINs, Good Mask uploads product information onto GS1 Hong Kong’s product data platform - BarcodePlus, and generates product barcodes and QR codes (i.e. GS1 Digital Link) at the same time, bringing dual benefits to businesses - enhance supply chain efficiency with barcodes, and to take offline customers to online with Digital Link, redirecting them to brand’s website, online store, social media or e-com platforms.

The information stored in the QR codes are provided by brand owner, which means it is a trusted source of information, boosting customer trust. Free-of-charge for GS1 Hong Kong members, BarcodePlus platform helps the company maintains an up-to-date online product catalogue with various SKUs, and allows worldwide buyers and consumers to read the products’ extended information via website (using GS1 Global Registry) or app (using Barcode Scan@WeChat), increasing global exposure.


GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

• Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
• BarcodePlus platform
• GS1 Digital Link



Good Mask capitalises on GS1 GTINs, BarcodePlus and Digital Link to:

1. Meet the requirement of e-marketplaces like Amazon, open up online opportunity and highlight its “Made in Hong Kong” quality;
2. Share product information to other platforms to promote brand awareness and exposure;
3. Serve as a trusted source of information from supplier to enhance buyers’ confidence.

About the Company

Found in 2020 with an investment of HK10 million, Good Mask strives to build a “Made-in-Hong-Kong” brand that produces quality surgical face masks for the individual and business markets. The company set up its own production line compliant to international standard in Hong Kong, to protect Hongkongers in midst of the pandemic strike.

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