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“The brands that BNM distributes are known for “high price-performance ratio” with remarkable reviews, for example the Bonnaire and Promate series. We want to concentrate our efforts to develop an efficient online sales channel, so the best parts about the solution are eBay’s prominent brand, massive consumers’ traffic and simple-to-use navigation. The all-in-one ordering, logistics and shipping combo solution particularly meets the needs of SMEs like us.”

Ms. Terry Chu, Senior Manager


COVID-19 has triggered a worldwide phenomenon of work-from-home and online learning practices. Coupled with mobile gaming and e-shopping, these contribute to the increasing sales and usage of accessories like earphone and mouse. Even so, the business of BNM Group (BNM), a consumer electronics distribution company based in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, has been negatively impacted during this time, because of its excessive reliance on physical retail as consumption decline. In addition to increasing exports to Mainland China and US market through business partners, the company attempts to revitalise business by raising brand awareness and adding more sales channels. With limited resources, it is seeking ways to sell to global markets online.


BNM chose to partner with GS1 Hong Kong and Soldeazy, leveraging the sourcing matching platform to kick-start its global e-commerce business. The easy-to-use platform resulted from an official cooperation with eBay, allowing BNM to list onto eBay with one click, shown below:

BNM_Pic 1.jpg

1. BNM uploads product information to SoldEazy’s Sourcing Matching Platform
2. eBay Sellers select products to sell on eBay shops
3. eBay Buyers to place orders
4. eBay Sellers to place orders to BNM
5. BNM arranges courier to pick up and deliver the products

Keeping BNM free from acquiring complex and ever-changing e-commerce skills, the company also enjoys a one-stop logistics and delivery solution without affecting the existing sales channels. Integrated with eBay and DHL’s logistics systems with automatic import function, suppliers can easily complete the entire delivery works from inputting order information, customs clearance forms and the like, by just sitting at the desk. As eBay sellers receive an order for BNM’s product, they must first pay in the system before arranging delivery, greatly enhancing the company’s cash flow.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • eBay Sourcing Matching Platform


eBay Sourcing Matching Platform supports BNM to:

  • Increase product margin, driving product go to market faster and opening up cross-border markets;
  • Easily match to eBay top-rated sellers without the need to make cold-call;
  • Enjoy all-round supports of logistics and transport solution.

About the Company

BNM is an innovative brand marketing and distribution company for consumer electronics. Established in 2009 headquartered in Hong Kong, BNM focus on global export of earphone and Bluetooth accessories. The products usually maintain high price-performance ratio with excellent ord-of-mouth, like Bonnaire mx-310, which drove more than 200,000 clicks for its unboxing report on