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Defending the Interest of Customers and Businesses with Anti-Counterfeiting Weapon


“As the online market in Mainland China flourishes, consumers are valuing more on brand equity and product quality. As the sole agent of the US leading fish oil brand OmegaVia in the market, our core value is to stay true to integrity and offer genuine products at fair price, we will do all we can to prevent counterfeits. GS1 Hong Kong’s REAL Barcode meets our needs, and brings our customers a seal of trust.”

Mr. William Wu, CEO


According to HKTDC Research, the total sales of health food in China was around RMB222.7 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach RMB330.7 billion in 2021 . Eyeing the opportunity, BridgePoint HK Co. Ltd. reached an agreement with a US pharmaceutical company to market OmegaVia and InnovixLabs high purity fish oil with trademarks in Hong Kong and China, taking charge of their local brand building and development, sales and marketing, pre- and after-sales services.

With the increasing branding efforts and rising popularity, third-party logistics service providers are needed to support its fulfillment, the company began to find products in different questionable e-com channels and even some pirated labels. Customers had called to ask about the quality of those products, or to exchange for the real ones with those from suspicious sources. When customers enquired how to authenticate the goods, BridgePoint believed they need an anti-counterfeit solution not only providing quality seal and authenticity proof, but also serving as a tool to manage third-party warehouse in caring customer service delivery.


BridgePoint selected GS1 Hong Kong as partner because its not-for-profit and global organisation background can offer the consumer confidence. Besides, GS1 HK’s REAL Barcode solution, powered by patented anti-forgery printing technology and a robust data platform, can help protect their customers, fight the fakes and preserve their brand equity, which is ubiquitous in the market.

A habit to scan products using WeChat for customers in Mainland China, it is growing common among mobile phone users in Hong Kong as well. Every OmegaVia and InnovixLabs product is now sealed with a unique REAL QR on the package, convenient to enable consumers in both regions to authenticate products with one code. In the past 2 months, many customers have scanned the products to clear up doubts.

BridgePoint has been promoting how consumers can identify the real from fakes using REAL Barcode, at the prominent areas of its flagship e-shop like product page. Receiving enquiries about QR code scanning from time to time, the company is enabled to check the backend data platform to examine and address the issue for each customer, raising the customer service level backed by GS1 Hong Kong’s full support.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

• REAL Barcode


Real Barcode


REAL Barcode solution boosts consumers’ confidence in OmegaVia and InnovixLabs and:

1. Facilitate access to China’s health supplement market with a mark of quality and authenticity;
2. Control third-party logistics service providers and reveal their wrongdoings;
3. Achieve better after-sales service and reinforce brand reputation.

About the Company

Bridgepoint HK Co. Ltd. is the exclusive agent of American premium fish oil supplement brands Omegavia and InnovixLabs in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, responsible for their brand development and sales in the region. The products high purity is conceived in the market as “medicine—graded purity”. Besides premium products, the company is armed with leading production technology that offers users purer, safer and more effective protection.

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