Smartech International Marketing Limited


Harnessing Anti-Adversity Combo to Penetrate the Fragmented Market


“With the myriad of offerings by GS1 Hong Kong, Smartech can grow strong together and tackle the market challenges ahead with our diversified products.”

Mr. Bruman Tam, Sales and Marketing Manager


Market fragmentation is increasing in momentum, which means it is harder to keep customers’ loyalty. To penetrate the market, Smartech, a supplier of innovative and niche household appliances, has made its hundreds of products available in HKTVmall, CLP e-shop, LOG-ON, city’super, G.O.D. and a massive range of appliance stores, aiming to quickly snatch up market share in Hong Kong and Macau using a multi-level sales channels strategy.

To compete more effectively, the company has been strengthening its product portfolio to stay on top of the market pulse, while fully utilising social media for promotions and opening its arms to any new marketing tools. The GS1 Hong Kong’s “BBS Combo” - “Barcode, Barzaar, Scheme” caught eyes of Smartech as effective weapons to strike the lucrative markets.


Smartech applied for GS1 barcode not only to gain access into physical retail and e-marketplaces, but also to pave the way for a seamless customer journey, as the barcode improves online search result, connects buyers offline to online (e.g. Barcode Scan@WeChat) and gives customers better confidence with a trusted source of information. As GS1 Hong Kong’s member, Smartech can leverage GS1 Hong Kong BARzaar for free to promote their products and reach out to GS1 Hong Kong’s 8,000+ corporate member community, covering their staff, family and friends, which unlocks extensive sales opportunities and attract potential customers. It is also a robust “BARzaar” – “Brilliant • All-round • Reliable” - where registered members can purchase a wide variety of products at great discount.

For the 5th year in a row, Smartech has been recognised as a Consumer Caring Company, which keeps exceeding consumer expectation through making continuous improvement on products, services and processes. Besides its passion on smart technology for the wellbeing of customers, Smartech upholds stringent international safety standard and commits to its service standard level at all times. With the Consumer Caring logo, consumers tend to trust more and repeat patronage of the brand, effectively nurturing loyalty.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

•    Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

•    GS1 Hong Kong’s BARzaar

•    Consumer Caring Scheme


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The “Barcode, Barzaar, Scheme” Combo Helped Smartech to:
1. Get listed onto online & offline marketplaces and enhance consumer journey (Barcode);
2. Expand sales channel and enhance exposure (GS1 Hong Kong’s Barzaar);
3. Foster positive brand image and inspire trust for the brand (Consumer Caring Scheme).

About the Company

Smartech International Marketing Limited persists in the provision of innovative and unique household appliances. With its belief in the importance of a customer-oriented policy, it aims to bring innovative, practical and energy-saving products to local customers at a reasonable price.

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