Garming Marine Products (International) Co Ltd


Unleashing Online Frozen Food Market with Barcode & BARzaar


“Committed to providing our customers with a diverse range of quality frozen seafood, GS1 global barcode standards and services help us inside and out, by improving our stock management, and by promoting to GS1 Hong Kong members network. I’d recommend the BARzaar platform to my peers because it’s a win-win solution for the business community.”

Mr. Cameron Choy, General Manager


As home cooking trends take shape, many “new-to-kitchen” chefs turn their grocery shopping online. Spotted the opportunity, Garming Marine, a famous seafood wholesaler in the catering industry, started to develop its retail business last year through different e-marketplaces, such as HKTVmall, Topsoya Market, etc. Through active promotion on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, Garming Marine aims to claim a position in the “new normal” economy. A new comer in retail business, consumers have no idea about the company’s brand or its store location for the time being. Garming Marine intends to strengthen promotion on various marketing channels, to gain extra miles on brand exposure as well as market penetration.


To get listed on major retail stores and e-commerce platforms, all products needs an “Identity card” - a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) – to ensure quality shopping journey on the e-marketplaces as well. Besides listing, Garming Marine adopts GS1 global standards to facilitate consumers searching its products online, enhancing transparency and cross-selling opportunities.

Garming Marine also utilizes BarcodePlus, a cloud-based product information repository, to manage barcodes and create a digitalised product catalogue for easier product management. GTIN also helps the company and its business partners to better manage inventory and speed up checkout process. Connected to WeChat database, the platform allows consumers to simply scan a barcode and instantly access and share extend product information, boosting awareness for the brand.

Being GS1 Hong Kong’s member, the company is eligible to reach out to GS1 Hong Kong’s 8,000 members, connecting through GS1 Hong Kong’s BARzaar for free, offering discounts promotion to expand business and stimulate repeated purchase.

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GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

•    GS1 Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
•    BarcodePlus cloud-based product information platform
•    GS1 Hong Kong BARzaar


WeChat Scan


GS1 Barcode and BarcodePlus assist Garming Marine on:
1. Launching products on e-marketplace becomes easy and convenient, increasing online exposure;
2. Managing product catalogues in an easy and effective way, ensuring inventory management efficiency.

GS1 Hong Kong BARzaar helps the company:
1. Raise product online profile and brand awareness;
2. Promote sales by making online order easy and sharing with friends and peers simple.

About the Company

Established in Hong Kong for more than 40 years, Garming Marine Products (International) Company Limited, a subsidiary of Sunwah Group, has been providing quality frozen seafood for many local catering businesses. Since last year, the company develops its retail line with the launch of Ice-Diamond and Pacific Pearl brands, available in online marketplace HKTVmall.