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“’One Health’ treasure highly our professional brand image because our expertise is rooted in the R&D for Chinese medicine. GS1 HK is a not-for-profit global organisation, so we share the kindred spirit and have faith in the programme. We find the programme aptly address our needs for a start, providing professional customer service and operational support at a cost-effectively manner.  Mainland consumers will also find our products trust-worthy with GS1 HK’s authentication label.”

Carry Yu, CEO


The evolving pandemic has put citizens on high alert to care for their own health. Found in 2018, “One Health” has been building a solid footing locally in times of pandemic, with its university-led clinical trial and laboratory certification. Offering 2 major categories of 6-7 products each, namely oral and external use supplements, the brand’s Spleen Care and Throat Care Granule are crowned the flagship products. 

In addition to addressing local market needs, “One Health” also identified opportunities in the humid South China region, but the main hurdles, as the health supplements enter into Mainland markets, are the complicated processes which may take months or years to complete, such as applications for health supplements and Chinese medicine certificates, or custom declarations. The company must also consider the promotion and management of the fragmented sales channels, or it may market to no avail.


One Health decided to try out GS1 HK’s “Trusted Market x WJH”programme, to speed up its product listing in the Mainland O+O (online & offline) markets using the Custom’s Green Channel*, facilitating sales and logistics for gauging better market response. 

The programme offers one-stop omni-channel marketing services, covering customs declaration, products listing, cross-border and mainland logistics and storage, brand promotion to offline display. In about 2 months’ time, “One Health” products are already selling in the Mainland markets. Partnering with various large-scale reputable pharmacies for physical point-of-sales, the company’s products are listed on product display stands and digital kiosks, which enables mainland consumers to experience the products and connect them offline to online. 

Products listed onto the platform via the programme will be given an exclusive anti-counterfeiting “REAL Barcode / QR” by GS1 HK to ensure the authenticity of its source, boosting confidence for the mainland consumers. 

One Health has also benefited from GS1 HK’s Smart Barcode, which allows consumers to search for product online or link to and buy from online stores by simply scanning a barcode, driving offline to online traffic.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

Supported by GS1 HK’s REAL Barcode / QR label and Smart Barcode, GS1 HK’s “Trusted Market x WJH” programme helps:

  1. Facilitate HK health products access to the restricting China market, in 2 months’ time;
  2. Enable O2O sales channels and enjoy one-stop omni-channel marketing services;
  3. Boost Mainland consumers’ confidence with a mark of quality and authenticity.
  4. Drive marketing and boost online traffic with Smart Barcode
About the Company

Found in 2018, “One Health” was established by the former team of The Institute for The Advancement of Chinese Medicine (IACM) Ltd, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Their goal is to develop premium natural health products with efficacy so as to improve people’s health conditions and quality of life.

* Zenecom, holding company of WJH, is a cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprise approved by the Chinese government
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