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How to become an eBay seller?


eBay Dropshipping


Start a hands-free online business on eBay with the Global Dropship Platform. eBay sellers, possessed with in-depth knowledge of individual markets and expertise in selling goods worldwide, will select products from our Global Dropship Platform to sell on their eBay shops.  In addition, they help suppliers identify the most appropriate markets to sell in, and adapt the marketing strategy to work more effectively.  By joining the dropship platform, you can effortlessly manage your ecommerce business, connect with top-rated eBay sellers and get products listed on the eBay global marketplace.

By adding product barcodes to your eBay listing, you can reach the extensive eBay best seller network, whom can easily search and select your products they are looking for in specific categories to sell on their eBay stores (ebay product id search). You will be notified when buyers place an order and make payment so you can pack and ship the order to the customer directly, which offers you a low-cost and low-risk way to open up overseas markets and gain international exposure.

How can eBay dropshipping benefit you?


gs1 hk ebay dropping

Get a Product Identifier (GTIN)

  • Save cost and effort in searching buyers around
  • Start selling online without e-commerce resources or skills needed
  • Enjoy exclusive discount offered to GS1 HK members

gs1 hk ebay dropping

Receive payment before delivery

  • Do not need to invest heavily in inventory
  • Improve cash flow by receiving payment before goods delivery

gs1 hk ebay dropping

No impact on existing sales channels

  • Set different prices in different regions and limit the stock level for sales channel management
  • Open up new markets instantly without impacting existing sales channels

gs1 hk ebay dropping

Simple order and delivery procedure

  • Manage order fulfilment easily via the one-stop platform integrated with eBay systems including logistics, order information, customs clearance forms, etc
  • Enjoy all-round expertise and support

Get a Product Identifier (GTIN)


1. Register as GS1 HK member

2. Log in to BarcodePlus – a product information management portal - to obtain barcode numbers with prefix ‘489’ that indicate the products are supplied by a registered company in Hong Kong

3. Enter the barcode numbers to list your products on eBay

3 membership categories:

Membership Category Number of Employees Entrance Fee (HK$) Annual Fee (HK$) Total (HK$)
A 1-9 3,980 3,980 7,960
B 10-99 9,290 9,290 18,580
C 100 or above 9,290 14,600 23,890

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