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Supply Chain Optimisation and Better Dining Experience Through Barcodes


"With foresight, the Group has recognised the imperative of strengthening the supply chain and logistics in order to support and accommodate our continuous business growth. Both the existing supply chain and ordering systems needs to be streamlined and strengthened. To this end, we have been shopping around for a solution that will provide us the strategy and course of action for the way forward."

-- Mr. Thomas Mak, Director of Business Development and Supply Chain



Since Cafe Deco Group announced its merger with Chevalier Pacific Holdings Limited in 2011, the Group grew in scale with over 30 outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and Sydney. To strengthen the supply chain and logistics that support the continuous business growth, the Group was looking to improve its supply chain efficiency and visibility by better tracking and tracing its food product movement. A modernised order system was also needed to facilitate internal communications between the restaurants and warehouse.


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The process consultation services provided by GSl Hong Kong exactly suited the Group's most pressing need. The professional team assessed its current business operations and found that the previous ordering process took a relatively long lead time and the inventory amount was not too accurate as the product flow could not be tracked comprehensively.

Taking the advice from GSl Hong Kong, the Group decided to adopt GSl global barcode system on its diversified kinds of food items, which fulfills the multiple objectives of improving product traceability, stock visibility and inventory management in a cost-effective way. With barcodes, the Group is now able to use automated data to track and trace food usage, streamline procedures and connect all parties along the supply chain.


With the introduction of barcode, the Group has now adopted a paperless and instant ordering process which helps to:

  1. Save 70% of order processing time
  2. Ensure higher invoice accuracy and supplier service level
  3. Improve product traceability and visibility as well as accuracy in food ingredients purchase orders
About the Company

Cafe Deco Group is one of Hong Kong's leading and most successful bar and restaurant groups. To create the utmost and complete dining experience, its success recipe lies in its consistently high quality of food, wide variety of cuisines, friendly and efficient service, as well as appealing ambience of its outlets for any occasion, business or pleasure.

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