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The GS1 Hong Kong Summit 2021

20 Years of Innovation Journey

Fueled by a continuous commitment to uplift industry competitiveness, GS1 Hong Kong Summit was held successfully on 10 June. Broadcast live for the first time, more than 1,300 delegates from cross-sector trades joined in-person and online, including Greater Bay Area cities.


Themed “Scaling Digital Transformation ● Cultivating Digital Assets”, the 20th edition of the Summit was co-located with the GOVirtual Business Expo for the first time, jointly hosted by GS1 HK and Baobab Tree Event Management Co., Ltd. (BTE), running from 10 June to 12 June.


FIRST: GS1 HK large-scale conference since COVID-19

FIRST: GS1 HK Summit in hybrid mode - physical & virtual

FIRST: Collaboration with an Expo and marked as main conference of the trade show


“Insights by Government & Business Leaders”

Mr. Alfred Sit, JP, Secretary for Innovation & Technology, inaugurated the Summit as the Guest of Honour and delivered the opening address. He underscored the importance of digital transformation “is indeed the ‘hope’ to businesses under the ‘new normal’”, and shared the Government’s efforts conducive to the development of “Industry 4.0” and smart city.

Quote Eng

Our keynote speaker was Mr. Ricky Wong, Vice Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Television Network Limited, who spoke on “Way Beyond eCommerce”, enabling more business embrace online technologies and promoting a more vibrant, more competitive digital market ecosystem.

KPMG, GS1 HK, HSBC Joint Survey Result Announcement

The Summit also saw the survey result announcement of “Retail Realignment: The road ahead for omnichannel in the Greater Bay Area” report, revealing that 73% retailers are currently implementing a GBA strategy. (For details of the report please visit: The results drew intense discussion among prominent business leaders at the CEO Panel that follows to share their commerce strategies to stay competitive and their engagement approach to Gen-Z consumers.



In the Executive Panel, various plenary sessions and track sessions, thought-leaders from a mix of industries presented ideas that helped businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Topical discussions

Summit-Highlight-Icon1.jpg Vaccine Supply Chain Traceability (View video sharing)
Summit-Highlight-Icon2.jpg Reimagining Retail Commerce in a Post-COVID World (View video sharing)
Summit-Highlight-Icon3.jpg Building Supply Chain Agility & Resilience from “Just-in-time” and “Just-in-case" (View video sharing)
Summit-Highlight-Icon4.jpg Smart Business & IoT-connected Operations
Summit-Highlight-Icon5.jpg Digital Trade Finance

Entrepreneur Forum

The Summit was completed by The Entrepreneur Forum, where long-standing and new brands shared their “500 days of business survival kit” since the pandemic outbreak: Localla diversified its bike sharing business to online food ordering service; Culture Homes transformed traditional elderly homes into technology-enabled neighborhood; German Pool tapped into the Greater Bay Area with new marketing stunts such as live commerce.

They all agreed that it is paramount for business to adopt “Go Digital • Go Smart” strategies that set the foundation for success in the long-run.

For the registered delegates, a link will be sent to your email to access the event playback video and other relevant resources.

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