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Successful Commercialisation of Local R&D to Support the Fight Against Pandemic


Bismuth is a non-toxic and green chemical element. The ionic bismuth created from the chelation technique can help to remove viruses and bacteria. Building on this, a local start-up has spent 2 years and invented a mask with “chelated inonic bismuth implantation technique” to protect people from infection. Oliver Chiu, CTO of Creative Technology Development Ltd., said there are rich supply of science and technology talents in Hong Kong, and the formula to success and market recognition is to set clear objectives, plan ahead and seize the chance as it comes.

New Self-Sterilization Garment Well Prepared for Fakes

Creative Technology is a joint venture by a well-established laundry group and Dreamial Technology in mid-2021, “Creat B” mask is the first branded product in market. “Creat” is creation in French and “B” is Bismuth, so the brand stands for “Creation of Bismuth”.

Committed to researching green-biotech, food biotech, liquid metal and more, Oliver said Dreamial Technology found out how to create sterilization zone on garments with ionic bismuth implantation technique, completed with photocatalysis efficiency. “We happened to meet Far East Laundry Group which has been investing in scientific research and training new talents. We hit it off quite naturally because our newly-found technique matches their core business development, and they have the right machines and devices for us to try, thus shortening our time for the R&D.”

Creat B Mask

Oliver had considered working with US / Korean company, but eventually chose a local company to prevent an infringement of intellectual property. As the first mask with chelated ionic bismuth implantation technique in Hong Kong, the company has used GS1 HK’s REAL QR as an authentication tool. “Creat B mask is the fruit of our painstaking labour of 2 years, in which we have spent 6 months alone just to pick the right fabrics. Copying is easy, we definitely want to ward off counterfeits, but more importantly we need to safeguard our customers’ health. If a customer bought a fake Creat B mask and fell ill, that’d ruin us, so we need to nip it in the bud.”

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Love at First Trial and Low-Priced Market Strategy

Other than killing viruses and bacteria, the mask also excels in breathability and comfortability. “Customers are falling for it,” Oliver said. “No matter for exercise lover, heavy coffee drinker or smoker, the reusable mask can deodorize the offensive odor and help improve breathing. Users are sharing rave reviews which builds up our reputation. We have gone through local-certified laboratory tests that prove its functionalities.”

GS1 HK’s 1QR platform is able to list exhaustive product information like certification or marketing info, Oliver agrees that this helps promote transparency, and meet today’s consumers’ “search before buy” shopping pattern that helps boost sales.

GS1 HK’s 1QR platform is able to list exhaustive product information like certification or marketing info, Oliver agrees that this helps promote transparency, and meet today’s consumers’ “search before buy” shopping pattern that helps boost sales.

To encourage trial and experience, Creat B mask is set at half the price of the normal sterilization mask, in the hope to quickly penetrate the market. Besides HKTVmall, Bigbigshop and its own e-shop, the corporate enterprise market has also fared quite well for the brand, as a large-scale retail chain has handed out Creat B mask for all its staff.

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The company capitalises on GS1 HK’s Trusted Product programme to enter into Mainland China. The programme provides one-stop omni-channel marketing services, covering customs declaration, products listing, to offline display, so products can enter into the Mainland China O2O (online-and-offline) markets. By collaborating with online KOLs and setting up Wechat mini-programme, Creat B’s sales network includes 30 cities in China. Shopee and Amazon have also been used to reach out to South East Asian and the global markets.

Creat B Mask

Vision and Prospects of HK Innovation & Tech Sector

Oliver plans to launch chelated bismuth ionic spray and washing powder in the first half of 2022 and apply patent for the products. The next step is to expand usage and register as a trademark. “Ionic bismuth implantation technique works with any fabric, we aim to launch Self-sterilization headscarf, veil or clothing furnished with bismuth ion for US/EU consumers who are not used to wearing masks like Asians, ultimately turning it into a trademarked technique like GORE-TEX or Dri-FIT and becoming mainstream.”

“I think positioning is important to a start-up like us because it set out the goals and directions for the team to move forward. Hong Kong has all the advantages as an innovation incubator: Quality talents with international perspectives, free flow of information, a market with high purchasing power. Just that the manpower costs are too high, so even with Government funding, a start-up can only run for a year and may fall apart afterwards. My experience tells me it is critical to commercialise the R&D result in every possible way to secure market and cash flow, provide financing for further R&D and eventually make your dream come true.”

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