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8 - 9 August 2024

Supply Chain Certification Course: SCM5.0 A Green Supply Chain - Shifting from Digitalisation to Sustainability

English content only
9:30 am – 5:30 pm
22/F, OTB building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
Cantonese (with English materials)
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Supply Chain 4.0 was built on the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in supply chain management, including IoT, cloud, business intelligence, and big data analytics. Modern supply chain operations now place a greater emphasis on integrated S&OP and enhanced analytical planning so as to drive digitalization management. Supply chain 4.0 is an upgraded version of the supply chain that combines multiple Industry 4.0 technologies, including big data, cloud computing, robots, and the Internet of Things (IoT). To further scale up the supply chain management, enterprises incorporate agile AI algorithms, business intelligence tools, data sciences, and other next-generation technology. The internet of things provides communication between various SCM and logistics activities, allowing businesses to track shipments and automate workflows. Supply chain 4.0 has succeed to enable businesses to manage and respond to the disturbances during COVID-19. With the global drive on Enterprise social and environmental (ESG) goals, businesses shift toward towards from digitalization to digitalization + sustainability.

The objective of this course is to educate the participants about the background and differentiation of Supply Chain 4.0 to Supply Chain 5.0. It spells the introduction and framework on ESG, its relevancy with supply chains and the ways in which businesses can take advantage of the capabilities of blending SCM 4.0 with sustainability. The course covers the fundamentals of SCM 4.0 and the applications on Industry 4.0 technologies from SCM 4.0 and SCM 5.0 from supply chain planning, sourcing, distributing and reversing. The course will be of particular interest to executives and associates involved in procurement, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, sales & service (including e-commerce), and forecasting & inventory management as well as ESG planning & executing.

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Who is it for

Manufacturers & processors, logistics service providers, retailers, distributors, importers & exporters, quality assurance parties, service providers.


Session 1
Introduction to ESG and Future Requirements on Supply Chain and Logistics
  • What is ESG?
  • Components of ESG and basics of sustainability
  • Current practices of ESG and future trends
Session 2
Implications on ESG Supply Chain and Logistics Industry
  • Drivers and how companies to connect ESG onto business model
  • Effects and competitive edge built on ESG 
  • Framework of information technology and development
Session 3
ESG Applications via Industry 4.0 technologies and Use Cases Sharing
  • Predictive procurement and inventory management
  • Manufacturing and smart operations
  • Warehouse automation and smart logistics
  • Reverse and circular economy management 
Session 4
Preparation for ESG Application and Success Factors
  • Case Exercise: Apply Industry 4.0 onto Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Summary: Preparations Phasing and Justifications
  • Summary: Critical Success Factors


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22/F, OTB building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai
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